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  1.  Business and Credit: Strategic planning on How to take your business from Zero to Next Level and get Credit and Funding for your for small business.
  2. Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies: Easier ways to buy real estate investment properties. Land Contract, Subject To, and Bank Statement Loans.
  3. Business and Branding – Have you been thinking about starting a business but don’t know where to begin or how you’ll get clients? I’ve built multiple businesses since 2001 and have studied marketing and promotions for new business start ups. Business and marketing is one of my passions. I have Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Master’s degree in Strategic Business Planning, and a love for growing with social media marketing.
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Real Estate Course and Consulting Reviews

▶ Catina Willis has heart… and it shows. She is enthusiastic and dedicated to making a positive difference in the real estate industry.

Catina has an overload of real estate investing advice. I love that she holds me accountable and challenges me to go to the next level!

▶ Catina helped me close my first deal. She also gave me pointers on passing the state exam.

Next Level Coaching gives some amazing inside tips on how to get your real estate career started. There is so much you NEED to know when getting into the business.

▶ Catina has a ton of experience and lays out the basics of being a real estate professional as well as an investor.


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